Here's a link to my interview with Joyful Courage. I love sharing the ideas from Whole-Brain Child and No Drama Discipline, and discussing how science can help guide parents in really meaningful ways.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • How Dr. Dan Siegal and Tina collaborated on THE WHOLE-BRAINED CHILD
  • How science can help guide parents in really profound ways
  • Programs, communities and in which Dr. Bryson’s work is taught
  • The importance of HOW are parent shows up to the nervous system of a developing child
  • How getting CURIOUS with your child creates gateways into building important life skills and self regulation
  • How making ASSUMPTIONS delays or stops tool building; ie, taking behavior personal, over explaining behavior, making character assumptions, if they did it once they should be able to consistently complete task/request
  • Paying attention to a developing nervous system
  • If the nervous system is not regulated the child cannot have choice over behavior
  • How to influence the nervous system in both self and child
  • Identification of Dr. Bryson and Dr. Siegals emotional “ZONES”; Red Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone
  • The Frontal Cortex is not developed yet
  • Children do not have the architecture to control “reptilian brain” / “fight or flight” in red or blue zones – difficulty paying attention, learning, regulating
  • Tools/techniques to get in “green zone” – regulated, calm, empathetic, attune
  • Behavior is communicating child’s lack of skills
  • When to seek out professional help
  • Self regulation – be gentle and kind with ourselves (reference Kristin Neff, of
  • New techniques require time and PRACTICE
  • Calming strategy when child is disregulated- get BELOW eye level and use soothing words including “I’m right here with you”
  • Brain associates with physical state – floppy noodle technique
  • Body shift can help shift emotions
  • How discipline is teaching
  • We need to give children tools not take them away
  • Thoughts on consequences
  • Key actions of soothing, connection, problem-solving, playfulness and being pro-active build a “whole-brained” child
  • How to recognize our own “zones” and practice getting/staying into “green zone”

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