Video Transcript:

Have you ever noticed that you or even your kids, can be receptive what is going on? Or, instead of being receptive, you can be reactive, where you want to fight back or flee and run away, or even freeze? Or, for some people, collapse in a faint?

Those are the four "F's" of a reactive state that shut down our learning. They shut down the way that we open to connecting with others and even connecting with our own resources. What I've noticed over the many years of being a clincian, educator, and parent myself, is that there are things we can do in helping raise children that allow our kids to move from reactive states (fight, flee, freeze, or faint) that shut them down from being open to learn and tapping into to their own resilience to moving them toward what's called a receptive state.

And, when you understand how to do that as a parent, when you learn how to create what we can call a "Yes Brain" state, you create what is called a mindset or an approach to life which is filled with vigor and vitality. It's filled with resilience in the face of challenges. And, this "Yes Brain" state is actually something that you can cultivate in your children. Now the great news is there is a step-by-step approach to teaching you what to do in your connection with your kids so that they develop this brain strategy. this yes brain state.