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Talk summary from the host:

Of course feeding our kids healthy food is important, but not as important as connecting with our kids. And having healthy kids starts by becoming a healthy parent. This is what I refer to as Nutritious Parenting. It has little to do with food, and more to do with providing nourishing discipline through guiding, teaching, exploring, rehearsing and sharing. And this is what Dr. Tina Bryson calls cultivating a "Yes Brain" in both parents and kids!

But this podcast isn't just for parents, and isn't just about helping children develop. The information supplied here is "nourishment" for our relationships, and teaches us each how to feed nutritious tender loving care to all those we are blessed to have in our lives.

Dr. Tina goes into to detail about parenting from a standpoint of helping our kids develop skills for coping with life problems, rather than just punishing them. And it begins with developing our skills as parents first.

We touch on sleep and how it affects the brain. The different colors of zones (red, blue, and green) with regard to brain action, and how we can regulate and expand the right color! We even touch on the dangers of too much screen time and more!

To help others, we need to cultivate and love ourselves enough first. Then we can cultivate courageous "Yes Brains" within ourselves, that give us the capability of encouraging "yes brains" in our children and in all our relationships in general!

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