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Help! My Child Has Anger Issues

To be so little, children sure can experience big emotions, can’t they? And anger is often the biggest emotion of all. Even the youngest find ways to let it out. Recently, my 2-year-old threatened me with an angry voice, “I’m going to color your face!” It was hard not to laugh. Poor (and sweet) kid. He was trying to be mean and angry, and coloring my face was the best he could think of. It’s good news that our children experience their feelings and get opportunities to deal with big feelings. The problem comes when children don’t handle their anger in ways we’d like them to. So how do we help our kids express their anger in ways that are appropriate and healthy? Here are a few suggestions. Say yes to feelings, even as you say no to inappropriate behaviors. It’s crucial that you set clear boundaries for your child in terms of what actions are OK. In other words, you have to say no to certain behaviors that result from anger—throwing things, hitting and kicking, breaking objects, etc. However, it’s very important—and this can be challenging for most of us—that you also communicate that it’s OK to feel angry. As parents, we often make the mistake of