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Fairness: A Parenting Tip

“That’s not fair!” How often do you hear it? If your kids are anything like mine, you hear it a lot. One day I got sick of telling them that “Life isn’t fair.” It didn’t seem to be registering. So instead, we started to tell our kids that in our family, fair does not mean equal. If one of us has to get a shot, we don’t ALL get shots. Only the person who NEEDS the shot gets it. The underlying principle is that everyone in the family will get what they need, and that needs are different from wants.

Ask Tina: Am I Spoiling My Baby?

Being a parent to a new baby is really hard. When your basic needs like eating, peeing, showering, and sleeping are being taken away, it’s easy to feel like you're at his mercy. Just hang in there. I promise it will be better soon. These days (and nights) are really long, but they will go quickly. And, it may be hard to believe, but you'll likely long for the days of just holding him all day, just relishing his skin and little breath and holding his little hand.