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Look with new eyes

Today, I want to challenge you to watch your children with new eyes. Look at them as the marvelous creations they are. You can even try to observe them as if you’ve never seen them before (I don’t mean ignoring them when they are screaming “MOMMY!” and you act like you don’t know who’s children they are.) I mean you see them as if you’ve never marveled at such amazing creatures. Even if they’re fighting today, you can observe with a “Hmmm. Isn’t that interesting? They’re so passionate. Look how they know how to stand up for themselves. Wow—they really can express themselves.”

Slow down and notice the things they’re paying attention to. See what delights them, frustrated them, and makes them silly. Watch how they’re clumsy hands try to do something. Observe how their grubby feet cross in the air behind them when they’re lying on their stomachs picking at a loop in the carpet. Stop and listen as they sing a made up song or talk to themselves when they don’t think anyone is listening. Just take it all in and marvel at the miracle they are—that you have had a huge part in developing. I know you’ll have a better day.

I did this yesterday with my kids and even after only having a 10 minute break from my 2-y-old in a 12 hour period; I thoroughly enjoyed him all day long. Even when he was difficult. I went to bed satisfied with the job I’m doing and with the privilege of getting to raise them. And I went to bed appreciating each of their unique wonder in a new way. Now if I can only do this a little bit each day, I will enjoy my job as parent and do a better job.