Here are just a few examples of the feedback Tina receives from the people who hear her speak.

"Dr. Tina Payne Bryson led a full-day workshop for our Director Mentors. Her rare ability to share complex research findings in a clear, humorous, and memorable way kept all of us engaged the entire day. In fact, after a full day, several Directors asked me if I could prevail upon Dr. Bryson to lead an impromptu discussion after dinner. They didn’t want her to leave!  The research Dr. Bryson has done, as well as her deep knowledge of other research findings on brain development, is critically important for both directors and teachers in Early Care and Education. However, her presentation style is so down-to-earth, so rich with memorable visuals and stories, that she was the perfect choice as keynote speaker for out Mentor Teacher Institute in June 2008.  Last week at our 2009 Mentor Institute—a year almost to the day since hearing Dr. Bryson’s presentation—one Mentor Teacher shared with me that she uses one of Tina’s suggestions ‘all of the time’ with her fellow teachers and with parents. Only a powerful message matched with a captivating delivery could make such a lasting impression!"

- Ellen Morrison, Program Manager, California Early Childhood Mentor Program


"Dr. Tina Bryson is an inspiring speaker who brings humor, compassion and scientific knowledge to her workshops for parents and teachers.  She is an engaging presenter using personal anecdotes to effectively illustrate the everyday conundrums of parenting and teaching. Dr. Bryson has a unique ability to relate her expertise in childrearing theory into practical strategies for the classroom and home."

- Jane E. Rosenberg, Director, Pacific Oaks Children's School


"The attribute I prize most in a speaker is the quality of her presence - her personal, professional presence. The attribute I prize most in a presentation is the practical knowledge I glean from it. Based on the generous, authentic, intentional way(s) that Tina Bryson engaged with her material and our community during her presentations at our school, she embodies all these attributes in spades.

Tina’s talks are as informative as they are accessible, even—perhaps especially—to lay audiences. Part of her skill as a presenter derives from her ability to convey her vast expertise in simple, clear, and memorable ways. What’s more, she simplifies even complex topics (like interpersonal neurobiology, childrearing, and attachment theory) without over-simplifying them.

Much of Tina Bryson’s credibility derives from her professional training and scientific expertise. Yet just as much derives from her life experiences as a person and a parent. Her remarkable ability to integrate these personal and professional domains is one of the keys to her effectiveness as a presenter. The caliber of Tina’s synthesis of pertinent research is first-rate. So is her ability to convey this information cogently and coherently, through compelling stories or vivid anecdotes and examples.

Tina’s skills as a presenter also shine during Q&A time after she concludes her more formal remarks. Tina attends carefully, respectfully, and thoughtfully to every question she is posed. She listens hard - and well - to the dilemmas, puzzles, or concerns that her audience members raise. Then she responds patiently and generously to their conundrums or queries - with her characteristic authority and warmth.

Before Tina’s first visit to our school community had even ended, we were already looking forward to planning when and how to get her back. Why? Because she has some eminently practical wisdom to share. She has mastered the relevant scientific literature. And she is able to bring it to life with humor, charm, and an abiding lack of pretense. Her over-riding aim is simply to get important - often cutting-edge - information into the hearts, minds, and hands of parents, teachers, students, and kids who can profit from this knowledge. By following Tina’s trademark, brain-based tips, we can help ourselves, our friends and families to thrive, and our students and schools alike to be more successful. My colleagues and I recommend her most enthusiastically as a substantive and versatile presenter. For Tina enriched our school community immensely during her recent visit here. We can’t wait to work with and learn as much from Dr. Bryson again!"

- Mike Pardee, Director of Character Education, Kinkaid School, Houston, TX


"Thanks once again for your great presentation on Wednesday.  I got so much positive feedback, and suggested to our director that we have you back next year, perhaps in the evening, for a bigger audience."

- Jan Roberts, Parent Education Staff, La Canada Presbyterian Church Parent Ed Program


"Your visit has really inspired me and I am so excited about the possibilities for this school year.  Your information is so positive and exciting. The fact is learning is a very active thing and you have given me a new way to present this active concept to my students.”Shannon Espino, Teacher, St. Marks School, Altadena, CA”Folks are raving about your presentation.  They LOVED YOU!  Hooray!"

- Doreen Oleson, Director of St. Mark's School, Altadena, CA


"In my 20 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have not been so excited and hopeful about any concept or idea as I am about interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory as articulated by Dan Siegel.  The practical implications of these ideas are some of the most important of our time, and Dan’s colleague, Tina Bryson, is an extraordinary communicator of this work.  Tina makes these complex issues accessible to both lay people and mental health professionals alike.  Her down to earth honesty, vulnerability and humor disarm and engage us in a special way to enable our curiosity and awareness to soar, and to make room for new and more effective ways of parenting and relating to those closest to us.  In short, she’s a rare treat!"

- Rick Kidd, M.A., M.F.T., Pasadena, CA


"Dr. Tina Bryson has captured brain science, transforming the essential facts about healthy parenting by presenting practical, kind, gentle and firm strategies for nurturing infants and children in to responsible healthy teens, then helps parents with these challenging years also!  Her contagious humor and real life examples bring the power of reality to her teaching."

- Dr. Shirley VanLieu


"Tina: I so loved your speech today. It seems like every word that comes out of your mouth I totally resonate with! I really appreciate all your education, research, expertise AND your experience as a real mom! Anyway, you have just acquired another huge fan…which I am sure you have plenty of!"

- Sloan W.


"Thank you so much for your insight and openness.  I really like the way you present the material; it’s comprehensive but easy to follow with great examples.  Your personal examples especially set a tone for the class and promote sharing and learning from each other.  What I love most about the class is how much I’m learning on both a personal and intellectual level."

- Jeanette P.


I wanted to let you know that I have been a licensed psychologist for 40 years and that the workshop that you gave yesterday in Mt. Laurel, N.J. was one of the best I have been to. Your engaging style and ability to deliver a great amount of information kept my wife and I interested for the entire day.

- Barry C


"I signed up thinking this would be a benefit for my kids, but really I think this is going to just help me be a better person all around."

- Kate C.